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"My mission is to give our children a strong, tailored education." - Albert Branson

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Albert Branson

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No child should have to suffer because of an inadequate education. Albert Branson is determined to help all students reach their highest potential. As a loving parent and a tenacious advocate, Albert speaks up for the needs of students throughout the school system. With his policy know-how and dedication, positive change is within reach.


"I'm Standing Strong for an Education for Each and Every Child in Miami, FL"

Albert Branson

"The Healthy School Lunch Program is the Number-One Priority of My Agenda"

Albert Branson

"Together We Can Stop Bullying at Schools"

Albert Branson

"Free Mental Health Assessments, Screenings, and Consultations are not a Privilege, but a Right"

Albert Branson

About the Candidate Albert Branson

Albert Branson believes that every child deserves a chance to succeed. Frustrated by the faltering school system, Albert began his mission by reaching out to fellow parents. Together, they took on the board of education, offering suggestions and demanding accountability. Albert was inspired by this effort. Today, he sits on the Miami Board of Education and is running for re-election.

As a devoted parent, Albert understands the needs of Miami students and their families. He tirelessly advocates for the needs of parents and students alike. He connects students with educational resources, so they can truly flourish. Albert also holds administrators accountable, ensuring they uphold all standards. As a school board member, Albert fights for great education for all. 


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